Ready To Glow Gift Set + Travel Size

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The perfect introduction to all the skincare benefits that Miss Julie offers, this set lets you discover the power of the formulations, holistic natural beauty and anti-aging systems for remarkable results.  By using these products you will be removing dirt, impurities, free radicals well as dead skin cells and makeup residue, so your skin will be left luminous, younger-looking and refined.

This set contains one full size:
Green Enzyme Mask
V-Nutrient Serum
V Nutrient Cream
Skin Potion
One complete set of Travel Size product for when you are on the go.

Miss Julie Green Enzyme Mask

If you want to fight the dull, lifeless aspect of your skin and restore the firmness and radiance of your complexion, now would be a good time to adjust your weekly beauty ritual a bit, by adding the green enzyme peel to your pampering treatment this remarkable beauty aid contains not one, but 13 high performing natural ingredients.

Miss Julie V-Nutrient Serum

An ultra-moisturizing serum enriched with numerous nutrient-rich ingredients that boost the life expectancy of perfectly healthy cells and interfere with the cross-linking of skin proteins. By increasing the lifespan of your healthy cells and promoting the development of new ones, this advanced face serum transforms your skin from within, making it become (more) toned and much firmer.

Miss Julie V-Nutrient Cream

The V-Nutrient Face Crème is an intense moisturizing crème that represents a complete source of omega-3, 6 fatty acids and high in antioxidant. Comprising the optimal dosage of Vitamin A, B5, C & E its advanced formula will let you experience its remarkable antioxidant properties and Vitamin C, leaving your skin looking healthy, radiant and extremely alluring. 

Miss Julie Skin Potion

Especially designed to heal and repair your skin, the Skin Potion is compatible with all complexion types. Based on a refreshing combination of natural ingredients that will rejuvenate and hydrate your skin, this product was conceived to respond to the beautification needs of modern women with very little time on their hands.