Body Contouring

Revolutionary LipoLight PRO Body Contouring

Each session is 20 minutes, plus 10-minute workout | Package of 10

Let’s face it, burning fat in problematic areas is no easy feat. Trying to sculpt those areas in the gym takes many, many hours of sweat and tears, often with little results. LipoLight PRO is considered the fastest and safest alternative to cosmetic surgery. The treatment relies on various technical breakthroughs that result in the painless body contouring you’ve always desired.

How Does LipoLight Work?

The procedure stimulates fat cells to liquefy fat within the cells. The liquefied fat then moves through a temporary pore formed in the cell membrane on the outside of the cell and is absorbed by the lymphatic system. The result is millions of fat cells decreasing in size and inches are reduced off the thighs, waist, and hips. It’s completely painless.

The Advantages of LipoLight Treatment over Invasive Surgery

The advantages are massive: instant results, no pain, and little to no down time. It’s more cost-effective than surgery, and there is no damage to fat cells.

LipoLight PRO versus Laser Treatment Therapy

The LipoLight treatment has a much higher absorption rate than laser treatment therapy, owing to the refraction and strength of the beam. The treatment absorbs approximately 70% more fat than a laser session, offering better results in fat reduction and inch loss.

It Is Completely Safe?

Yes. LipoLight PRO has no known risks and is considered a safe alternative to invasive surgical procedures. It is 100% noninvasive and will not cause scarring, bruising, or downtime. There is no discomfort during the treatment, and a patient does not have to undergo anesthesia. Normal activities can be resumed immediately after treatment.

Burn Major Calories in 1 Treatment

A single treatment can burn as many as 400 calories.

Number of Treatments Needed

Treatments are offered in packages of 10 sessions. You can undergo two treatments a week, which will allow the blood fatty acid levels to stabilize between treatments.

What to Wear to a Treatment

You’ll want to be comfortable during the placement of pads directly on the skin. Opt for t-shirts, shorts, or yoga pants.

What about Post-Treatment?

Post-treatment exercise is highly recommended to speed up your lymphatic system.

Results As Soon As the First Treatment

Results can vary depending on your body type, activity levels, and metabolism. However, results can be noticed after the very first treatment.

Can Anything Be Done to Enhance Results?

There are various ways you can enhance the results of the treatment, including:

  • Eating a diet high in quality foods
  • Drinking half an ounce of water per body weight pound
  • Walking and moderate exercise for 30 minutes per day
  • Massaging the targeted areas after treatment to enhance the lymphatic drainage process
  • Eating sensibly and managing your caloric intake
  • Avoiding alcohol and caffeine during the course of treatments

Are you ready to make the change your body has been craving? Book your LipoLight PRO treatment today and get your body on the road to health and longevity.