October Product Promotion - Facebook Group

Julie Lindh Think, Look and Feel Beautiful

Purchase SkinMagic Pen Receive Free
One Bio-Magnetic Multi-Functioning Sheet Mask
One Infrared Multi-Functioning Sheet Mask
($50 Value)

Share your SkinMagic Pen photo and tag @julielindhskinexpert on Instagram during the month of October for a chance to WIN one SkinMagic Pen to gift during the holiday season! 

Valid Thru Monday, 10/14 - Sunday 10/20
No Coupon Code Required NOTE: You do not need to add this item to the cart it will be automatically shipped with your Facebook Group - October Product Promotion order.

Each order will receive 1 Bio-Magnetic and 1 Infrared Sheet Mask with their order of the SkinMagic Pen.

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