PRO Esthetician Specials

Ageless Beauty Wand + 3 BioMagnetic Face Masks + 3 Infrared Face Masks

Ageless Beauty Wand + 6 BioMagnetic Face Masks + 6 Infrared Face Masks

Beauty Wand + 12 BioMagnetic Face Masks + 12 Infrared Face Masks + FREE Glow Lactic Peel Pads

These products are great additions to any skincare treatment and increase your profitability with your clients with adding on a cost of $25 - $35 per treatment!  Our woven masks can be re-used up to three times so we encourage you to send them home with your clients to create added value for your services.   Compliment this with selling them on the Ageless Beauty Wand so they can to continue seeing results with daily use of the wand and extend the life of their facial.

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