Miss Julie SET plus a FREE Travel size kit


Everyday your skin is exposed to an array of stressors from sun damage and pollutants to stress and more. It is exactly this reason that you need to be protecting and nourishing your face correctly. You need to form a solid barrier against these negative factors that are known to lead to early aging and a range of aesthetic worries.

The three products offered in the Miss Julie skin care range let you take care of your skin the way you should.

The products have been injected with vitamins, nutrients, and essential oils  that will work magic on your skin. The ingredients are all natural.

You will not find any chemicals or synthetic components in the Miss Julie range.

The range has been infused with the most effective ingredients Mother Nature has to offer. This guarantees a clean, radiant complexion as you enjoy a unique and effective approach to skin care. The eco-friendly, one-of-a-kind hand-blended formulas have been introduced and perfected by Julie herself, and she continues to use her own products. These products all reflect the highest quality and standards. The range encompasses:

  • The Skin Potion

  • V-Nutrient Face Serum

  • V-Nutrient Face Cream

Each product works hand-in-hand to help you achieve timeless, radiant, and beautiful skin. That in turn will have you glowing within. Completely safe and effective active ingredients that will make a difference in your skin. The series work to help you achieve silky, smoother, and younger looking skin.