It’s All about The Eyes


Lately, I have been receiving a lot of questions about how to make the eyes look younger, as well as how to correct dark circles, puffy eyes, droopy eyelids, crow’s feet, and fat under the eyes. As far as treatment goes, Radio Frequency and Dermapen therapy can both significantly help with tightening and strengthening the skin around the eyes.

Radio Frequency Therapy

Radio frequency therapy involves the use of electrical pulses for the reduction of wrinkles without damaging the skin. It is a method that transports heat energy to areas of the skin in order to inspire fresh collagen growth.  Radio frequencies offer women who want younger eyes essentially a facelift without surgery.

The skin is gently warmed with a blast of radio frequency waves encouraging collagen to rise to the surface of the skin. This strengthens the skin and reduces dark circles under the eyes. There is no skin incision in the process, so the recovery time is relatively short. It also will not burn the skin like invasive laser therapy.

Dermapen Therapy

Wrinkling around the eyes is caused by habitual facial expressions, smoking, sun damage, aging, and poor hydration. Dermapen also helps to slowly minimize fine lines and restore collagen in the skin around the eyes. It effectively stimulates new skin by micro-needling the surface with the Dermapen’s vertical stamping method. This precise stimulation can be done quite quickly and the recovery time is minimal.

Radio frequency and Dermapen are both safe and effective treatments for tired eyes, but there are natural home-based solutions that can also help keeps your eyes looking young. Here are five simple tips to naturally brighten your eyes and maintain their youthful appearance.

1.  Get the Right Nutrition & Hydration

Your eyes respond to the nutrients you consume and the amount of hydration you receive, the same way the rest of your body does.  Water, Vitamins A and C, and Zinc are all necessary to eye health and eye appearance.

2. Tea Bags will Wake Up Your Tired Eyes

Tea bags are a great at-home beauty remedy to perk up puffy or tired eyes. The caffeine helps to shrink the underlying blood vessels and draws out some of the liquid that causes the swelling. Place the tea bags in hot water for a minute and then into ice water for a few seconds before applying them over your eyes.

3. Cleanse Your Face Nightly

Thoroughly removing all of your makeup every night is necessary for your eyes and eyelashes. This will keep the skin around your eyes feeling clean and refreshed.

4.  Apply Eye Cream at Night

Take care of the sensitive skin around your eyes by applying eye cream every night. Nourishing your skin with eye cream will keep that delicate skin healthy and soft, while making your eyes look brighter and younger.

5.  Enjoy your Beauty Sleep

Sleep is essential for young and vibrant eyes. Try to aim for eight hours every night and if you still wake up with puffiness around the eyes, try using a cold compress to bring down the swelling.

6. Choose the right ingredients 

Choose products that contains these ingredients: Peptides, Eyeliss, Haloxyl, Vitamin A/Retinol, Vitamin C, Collagen, Stem Cell, Green tea, Cucumber, Arnica, Honey, Rose Hips.

Rejuvenate Your Skin with Dermapen® Therapy

I am always looking for the latest and greatest trends in skincare and recently I have been following closely the incredible progress of Dermapen® dermapenawardtherapy. This powerful and effective new technology safely resurfaces your skin and promotes self-rejuvenation. It is quickly replacing more drastic non-laser techniques like punch grafting, subcision, and CROSS technique due to the superior results it provides.

The Dermapen provides the same (if not better) results without using a manual rolling micro-needling device. Dermapen uses a flexible spring-loaded trigger with stamping technology that rapidly pierces the skin at ninety-degrees. Dermapen should only be performed by a trained physician who can specify and control the depth of penetration.

Stimulates Healthy Tissue Growth

Dermapen therapy involves smooth and precise micro wounds to the skin that will stimulate healthy growth of new tissue without the heat damage caused by traditional lasers. Patients who have tried both techniques experienced less pain and a shorter recovery time using Dermapen. When it is used for generalized resurfacing of your face, future applications of skincare products like anti-ageing serums will be better absorbed into the skin.

Targets Tough to Reach Areas

I would highly recommend using the Dermapen for targeting very small sections that cannot be accurately targeted using larger devices. Thanks to its more ergonomic design, it can be used to easily reach difficult areas like the sides of the nose, the area surrounding the eyes, the lower and upper lip, as well as heavily scarred tissue and fine lines. The Dermapen can also be used to target your entire face for complete rejuvenation.

Used to Treat Many Common Issues

Although Dermapen is normally used to treat acne scars and fine lines, there are many possibilities using this new technological advancement. The Dermapen can reduce stretch marks, remedy pigmentation issues, and it can even be used to treat Alopecia (hair-loss) by stimulate and rejuvenating hair follicles.

New uses for this technology are constantly being discovered. The Dermapen creates tiny holes in the skin tissue that will encourage the development of new blood vessels and restore the skin tissue that has been treated. The micro needling process will also inspire your body to manufacture elastin and collagen which are necessary for smoother skin.

I was the first in NYC to offer Dermapen and I have seen incredible results adding this therapy into my Skin Fitness Level 4. The demand is high among those who need skin correction, repairing, and skin rejuvenation, as well as post skin trauma recovery. I encourage everyone to try this therapy to see how it can improve their current skin concerns and for prevention of pre-mature aging.

I will usually recommend a series of Dermapen treatments that will vary based on each individual’s personal concerns. Any treatment I perform will always begin with a thorough skincare consultation to determine the best course of action, as well as a detail explanation of the entire process. I want my all of my clients to be as comfortable with the treatment process as I am.

Beauty Trends: Looking back on 2012 and to the future of 2013

The end of the year is a time to look back and to reflect on the happenings and trends of the past year as we close one chapter and begin another. It’s always interesting to see what was a fast trend, what had staying power, and of course what innovations are on the brink of becoming the next big thing. Here’s a quick re-cap of the best and brightest beauty treatments of 2012, and the industry predictions for what will be trending next year.

2012 was the year of alternative beauty treatments and had a continued focus on sustainable skincare procedures and products. Whereas previous years had seen record plastic surgery numbers, the past year was about anything but going under the knife. Instead, many patients sought out non-invasive treatments such as Dermapen (the use of a micro-needling device that helps stimulate the growth of collagen to treat wrinkles, acne scars and burns) and Fraxel (a fractional last treatment that addresses imperfections such as fine lines, wrinkles, scarring and age spots).

In 2013, non-invasive anti-aging treatments will continue to be a trend, as will products that have multifunctional benefits, such as BB and CC creams. We’ll also see a lot more all-in-one skincare to keep up with the fast pace of life, as well as products with natural and organic ingredients.

As the economy continues to recover and people look for the best buys that will satisfy the most needs, in 2013 beauty experts are predicting a turning-point in the beauty industry, with the convergence of beauty and wellness to create lifestyle practices that are based on smart and sustainable methodologies and highly effective products for the price-conscious consumer. In addition, industry experts agree that in-office treatments will continue to be important yielding long-term results, but that these regiments will continue to be supplemented with DIY at-home beauty treatments for budget-savvy and time strapped individuals.

Personally, I’m excited for all the 2013 Skin Fitness innovations that are in the works. I can’t wait to share more of the evolution of this line with you all. Many wishes for a happy and healthy new year!

Skin Fitness MD Menu Featured in Glow Magazine Fall/Winter 2012

Recently, the Skin FGlowmagazineitness MD menu was featured in a spread in Glow magazine, a publication about beauty, health and wellness. The editorial highlighted the collaboration between the respected board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jon Turk and Medical Esthetician Emilia K as part of the newest Skin Fitness line extension. Here’s a quick re-cap with some of the highlights from the article.

As you know, the Skin Fitness program is based on the philosophy of correcting, repairing, rejuvenating and preserving tired, stressed and prematurely aged skin. The MD program combines the highly effective professional facial skin treatments procedures, with an at-home product line and glowing skin diet, for optimal and sustainable results.

All MD levels include the Skin Fitness Signature Facial, plus medical cosmetic treatment for comprehensive rejuvenation and are available exclusively at Dr. Jon Turk’s NYC offices.

Skin Fitness Signature Facial – Dermal Infusion Therapy

This 60-minute signature facial covers the four basic phases that the program is based on: correcting, repairing, rejuvenating and preserving skin. During this treatment, dermal Infusion therapy is used, in the form of the Dermapen, a skin resurfacing device with a variety of options that help to boost collagen production, smooth facial wrinkles and reduce pore size. This state of the art facial skin rejuvenation system can greatly improve the appearance of skin, and provide reduction of fine lines and skin tightening and lifting, all without the downtime or pain of laser or under-the-knife procedures.

Skin Fitness MD Menu

Level I

  • Includes the use Dermapen dermal infusion therapy, plus a single treatment facial filler session for an instant lift and glow.

Level II

  • Includes Selphyl® System as part of the Dermal infusion therapy, to stimulate collagen growth, improve microcirculation, reduce deep lines, lesson the appearance of scarring and help repair sun damaged skin.

Level III

  • Includes the use of Dermapen plus the FDA approved non-invasive RF device Exilis to tighten, smooth and polish skin’s surface, providing similar effects (but without any downtime) to laser therapy.

Level IV

  •  “The Works” includes a customized 8-week plan using elements from all levels to address aging issues of the past while mitigating aging effects in the future, for maximum facial rejuvenation without surgery.

To find out more information about the Skin Fitness MD program, visit my website at or contact me today at

The V-Lift Follow Up

Recently, I had my first so-called natural lift using my own blood to feed the cells beneath the layers of my skin. This treatment is also known as the Vampire Facelift due to the process that is used. This is an alternative for those who wish to have a wake-up call for your skin. The procedure is similar to my Skin Fitness Level ll but uses Selphyl and my own blood as the fusion. The Selphyl system produces Platelets-rich Fibrin Matrix and it is completely natural. No animal or foreign components to eliminate the risk of an allergic or adverse reactions. I didn’t get the treatment done as fillers but more as an overall treatment for my face and neck.

I’m all about the natural way of getting my skin in shape. Everything I think is great I also share with all my clients. Of course, I don’t share all of my secrets but simply the ones that I think will make the most sense to you. This procedure is one that is different than most forms of a facelift in terms of the procedure that is used in addition to the time restrictions that are placed.


Let me explain how the procedure took place:

1)    A small amount of my own blood was drawn into a tube

2)    The tube of blood then placed into a centrifuge and spun for several minutes in order to separate the blood into a supernatant platelet suspension


3)    The ready use protein then applied on my face and neck using the Dermapen device. This is a time sensitive procedure with an allowance of only 10 minutes to do the treatment in order for it to be effective. I experienced a little tingling using the Dermapen but it is so light that there is hardly any pain.

4)    Afterwards, when the procedure is over, we allowed few more minutes for the rest of the platelet to get into the skin. Then the residue was removed lightly. My skin felt tight a

nd looked somewhat pale. A bit unusual considering using the needling therapy (Dermapen) normally would make the skin warm and minor redness.

5)    The results will be stretched out over the course of 90 days in which it takes to see the full effects of the treatment.

Before V-lift Procedure

Immediately after V-lift Procedure









Considerations for the Procedure

If you are considering this procedure, another option is to have the platelet injected under the eyes if you have hollow eyes or loss of volume. It can also be performed around the mouth area as an alternative instead of synthetic fillers to plump the area. Virtually any area on your face can benefit from this procedure because it uses your body’s natural proteins instead of synthetic components.

If you are looking for an all-natural treatment, I would definitely recommend having this procedure done. Keep in mind, however, that in order to benefit from this treatment, it is recommended to have it done 1-3 treatments, spaced 4-6 weeks apart to receive the maximum effect. at least twice a year. It will definitely help to make your skin appear more youthful long-term. The only true cost is your blood and of course, the labor of the technician who is performing the procedure.

Interested in getting this procedure or have questions?

Email me at

Skin Specialist Julie Lindh Adds Groundbreaking Dermapen Treatment to Skin Fitness Level IV Menu

Advanced skin needling procedure gives patients alternative to going under the knife, helps prolong effects of professional facials

“After using the Dermapen in combination with my Skin Fitness Level 4, an overwhelming majority of my patients have noticed dramatic improvements in their skin texture, appearance of lines and skin elasticity”. Julie Lindh


New York, NY (PRWEB) June 14, 2012

Woman's face
Aesthetician Julie Lindh, the creator of the Skin Fitness line of products and facial treatments has added another offering to the menu at her NYC and Stockholm, Sweden offices. Lindh will now provide patients with Dermapen® microscopic skin therapy as part of the Level IV Skin Fitness regimen.

Skin Fitness is Lindh’s proprietary treatment process that encompasses a four-tiered layered skin care approach, with the goal to correct, repair, rejuvenate and preserve skin that is tired, stressed or prematurely aged. Skin Fitness is unique from other treatments because the program focuses on an individualized approach, taking into account factors such as diet, sleep patterns, exercise, lifestyle and environmental conditions, in order to create a skin care solution that provides optimal results through products, treatments, facial exercises and a healthy lifestyle mix.

For over eight months, Lindh has been a part of a select number of Dermapen providers testing the beauty device since its introduction in October of 2011. “After using the Dermapen in combination with my Skin Fitness Level 4 facial, an overwhelming majority of my patients have noticed dramatic improvements in their skin texture, appearance of lines and skin elasticity. I’m excited to permanently add Dermapen to my service offerings.”

Highly effective on hard to treat areas, the micro needling Dermapen treatment creates an environment that is ideal for inducing and rejuvenating collagen and elastin. Lindh pairs Dermapen with a complementary cell booster technique which feeds the basal layers of the skin with nutrients while a “vertical stamping” needling process stimulates collagen production. The Dermapen’s controlled precision creates micro injuries to the skin that encourage natural re-growth and repair and tightening. The benefit of Dermapen is that there is little downtime so treatments can be completed on an out-patient basis. Lindh recommends a minimum of 2-3 treatments to achieve noticeable results, with 5-6 treatments providing optimal effects.

Lindh plans to offer Dermapen in her Manhattan and Stockholm offices, as well as through select licensees of the Skin Fitness program.

About Julie Lindh

World-renowned aesthetician Julie Lindh is a renowned skin care expert. With her uniquely innovative four-phase approach towards skin care, Julie helps patients achieve and maintain clear, glowing and radiant skin, making it easy to understand why some devotees call her “the healer”. Lindh’s skincare philosophy is based on a belief that treatment is unique to each skin profile. The services offered in her NYC and Sweden based offices are customized, and are provided only after Lindh completes a full skin analysis of each patient. She also travels the world to cater to clientele, including A-list celebrities, socialites and high-end day spas.

About Dermapen®

Introduced in November of 2011, Dermapen is a highly effective skin therapy procedure that involves microscopic needling to treat skin conditions such as fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, acne scars and wound scars. For more information on Dermapen’s benefits and for client case studies, visit