5 Ways to Support Your Skin this Autumn and Winter

Summer already seems a distant memory and sadly winter is not too far away.  It’s at this time of the year when you may start to notice some changes in your skin.  Your skin may have had the luxury of being well oiled with sun lotions and after sun and then you’re back from your summer holidays, back to work and a different routine takes over.  The aftermath of the summer can lead to rough, dry and drab looking skin.

Here are 5 ways you can support your skin at this time of the year and lay down good foundations for winter.


After the summer heat and humidity your skin is likely to be dehydrated.  Increase your skin’s hydration levels by using the Rejuvenate Serum or Miss Julie Skin Potion.  These are more concentrated than moisturizers and will work with your skin because oil is very much like sebum. Take a look at the Rejuvenate Serum or Miss Julie Skin Potion.

Hydrate your body from the inside – drink plenty of water and fruit or herbal teas and try and cut back on the coffee that will dehydrate you and your skin.


Have a look at your skin after cleansing.  Touch and feel it.  Are there some drier patches?  If so use an oil and moisturizer over these areas. Oily skin types may find that their skin is a bit more normal and those usually with normal skin may find it feeling a bit tighter or drier in certain areas.  If you are not confident analyzing your own skin inquire with our skin expert Miss Julie for an in person or online consultation. Depending upon what you discover, have a think about the products you are using and whether they suit your current skin type.


When did you last use an exfoliant on your skin?  This is an excellent way to slough away dead skin cells and reveal fresher brighter skin cells, leaving you with a bright complexion. Take a look at Correct Lactic Acid Peel Pad.


Having analyzed your skin set a new routine in place and stick to it!  The 28 Days to Ageless Beauty Program to transform your skin from within. With the help of the four distinctive phases of the Ageless Beauty Program (Correct, Repair, Rejuvenate, and Preserve), you will enjoy results in just 28 days. Each phase works hand-in-hand to help you achieve perfect, youthful skin. 


For those of you who rarely if ever treat yourself to a facial then now is the time to have one. During this transitional period I promise you that your skin will thank you for it!  We offer a variety of treatments catered to your skin.  Take a look Book Now.

Nourish, protect and repair your skin naturally this autumn and winter with JL Skin Fitness all natural holistic enriched skincare products. Available from our shop

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