“Beauty is only skin deep. It’s not enough to just look great. You also need to feel great, think great and act great to radiate greatness. Once you learn how to do that, your skin, heart and mind will all begin to glow.”- Julie Lindh

Julie offers innovative facial services that deliver real results, but that’s not the only thing that makes her treatments unique. When you get a service from Julie, you’re not just getting a facial, you’re getting a complete experience, that will undoubtedly change the way you LOOK, THINK and FEEL.

Julie is a mentor, a muse and a master when it comes to skincare and she cares deeply about each client. She takes the time to get to know her clients and custom tailors her services to their individual needs. You’ll never have the same experience twice with Julie. As your skin and lifestyle changes, your treatments will change too. She also makes sure her clients know that she is on their journey to the skin of their dreams with them. And the journey doesn’t end when the service ends. 

Julie provides a complimentary 15-minute coaching session at the end of each treatment that will benefit her clients long after their appointment. During this coaching session, Julie provides holistic skincare, mindset, diet and exercise tips to help you truly change from the inside out. 

~ Nina B ~
"Since I have been going to see Julie my skin has improved dramatically. Now I have also included her products into my daily skin care regimen and they have been an absolute game changer. My skin looks radiant and plump and feels hydrated. I have never had so many comments on how good my skin looks."
~ Alex D ~
"I am absolutely devoted to Julie's facials and skin care line. Her deep knowledge of skin care make every trip worth while. She is always on the cutting edge of new technologies and trends in skin care. She uses high quality ingredients that feel good on the skin and have improved the look of my skin. She has surpassed all my expectations and I would highly recommend her".
~ Michelle P ~
"I have been getting facials with Julie for over ten Years. With Julie you will never get a cookie cut out facial. She is always changing it and tailoring it to the needs of your skin. I would definitely recommend her without any hesitation."
~ Dawn S ~
"Julie, after our last facial and our incredible conversation which I always find magnetic as was our first session together you truly are the only road I would travel to in regards to all of my facial and body needs. I am OBSESSED with your BEE VENOM and magical potions. My skin literally drinks in your incredible elixirs that I just glow with such luminosity, I can't help but smile ear to ear every time I do my regimen. I love doing my "beauty wand" and following my excited to book my next session."
~ Manda K ~
"Julie Lindh has been a huge influence not only on my skin but to myself over the past 5 years. She has guided me in so many ways and I am always looking forward to our next session. She is beyond a facialist (even tho her work is incredible) she is a spiritual coach. Julie offers not only her experience but her intuition and the positive energy which surrounds her. She truly is a special person and has enhanced my life in many ways over the years. Anyone lucky enough to work with her will feel this immediately. Julie truly is one of a kind in the best sense."
~ Alexandra ~
"I have been seeing my skin specialist, Julie Lindh, for over 10 years. She has an impeccable knowledge of skin, skin care, and always has the most up to date technology for skin maintenance and improvement. I go to Julie knowing she will implement the very best for my skin. Furthermore, over the years, Julie has guided me through may ups and down in my life. Over the years she has advised me with specific nutrition adjustments, spirituality and guidance, and without question the very best ways to care for my skin inside and out."
~ Toni C ~
What I love about seeing Julie is her holistic approach to skin care. Combined with the latest and most up to date tools and research. She treats not just my face and skin but the whole me. Face, body and soul. I always leave Julie’s glowing inside and out."

Microcurrent Beauty Device

-Improves circulation.

-Helps with lymphatic drainage.

-Reduces puffiness.

-Tones and tightens the muscles of the face (think lifted jowls and eyebrows).

-Shapes and contours the face by improving muscle tone (think contoured jawline).

-Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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