How Can Green Smoothies Actually Help Your Skin?

Did you know that you can improve your skin by adjusting your lifestyle choices a bit? Nobody could ever force you to spend all your money on expensive skin care products, drink gallons of water daily and run on the treadmill for hours in a row. As a matter of fact, you probably shouldn’t attempt to implement radical changes in the blink of an eye. Instead, you should consider replacing some of your guilty pleasures with healthier substitutes that could do wonders for your body, mind and spirit.

For instance, you could start this series of positive conversions by replacing one of your meals with a green smoothie. Green drinks based on natural, fresh, organic ingredients boost your energy levels, curb cravings, promote weight loss, prevent weight gain and may also reduce the risk of developing a serious health concern, such as cancer or heart disease. On top of that, green smoothies can also improve your mood, by enabling you to achieve a state of mental clarity.

Containing the ideal amount of calories, a delicious green drink can replace a hearty meal and help you feel satisfied while eating less. In short, these are some of the most notable advantages experienced by any healthy green smoothie lover.

Perhaps you may be wondering: how could this alternative to a copious meal actually benefit your skin? It all depends on the quality and properties of the ingredients that you choose to mix to prepare your drink. For instance, vitamin C found in citrus fruits can prevent infections and accelerate the healing process of wounds resulted from skin eruptions. Pumpkin seeds are excellent add-ons due to the fact that they are rich in zinc, an important element that regulates sebum production and also helps cells regenerate faster. Cucumbers contain high amounts of silica, an important mineral that leads to healthier skin, hair and nails. Last but not least, chia, flax seeds and spinach are exceptional sources of omega-3s, the beneficial agents ensuring clearer skin and a perfect contour.

Generally speaking, by drinking smoothies you could improve the appearance of your skin and prevent a series of aesthetic concerns, such as excessive redness, dryness or acne breakouts. Moreover, a well-balanced diet based on as many fresh juices and smoothies as possible could also lessen wrinkles, allowing you to explore the power of natural, nutritious super foods and an optimal level of hydration.

An apple a day may or may not keep the doctor away in the long run, but how could a green smoothie improve the looks and feel of your complexion? Now you can find out on your own, by trying one of the many green smoothie recipes that I recommend to all my clients and prepare for myself each morning. Find the perfect combo that keeps you refreshed and energized throughout the entire day and make the most of the anti-aging properties of fresh fruits and veggies to stay young and beautiful for many more years to come.

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