It’s Called Beauty Sleep for a Reason

Getting 7-9 hours of restful sleep is a key component for ageless beauty. Life is hectic, stressful even; the last thing we should be doing at the end of today is ramping up for tomorrow. No, at the end of a busy day you should be preparing your body for overnight rejuvenation; that’s why sleep is vital to a healthy skin diet.

Why is sleep so important?

When you hear the phrase “inside out beauty” you probably think of the food you eat, but there’s much more to it. Collagen is the protein that gives skin that elasticity; it’s like a natural nightly facelift. Your body knows that while you sleep you’re more relaxed, blood flow is more even, and your brain isn’t distracted by what’s going on around you so it can concentrate on healing the body.

When you don’t get enough sleep your body can’t perform the necessary repairs. Lack of sleep can cause dark circles and puffy eyes; it can also lead to higher stress levels. The body’s response to stress is to release Cortisol, commonly known as “the stress hormone.” If Cortisol levels can’t normalize the result for your skin is more wrinkles, uneven coloring, and loose skin.

If sleep can do all that, why do I need skin care products?

When we’re young the body is excellent at repairing daily damage; however, as we age our body’s natural ability make the necessary repairs is diminished. Not everyone has the same skin type or the same skin problems; I have been skin care specialist for quite a while and I can provide advice on how you can improve the way your body responds when you sleep.

Use products that have the right mix of peptides, retinol, and hydrators; these are best used at night while you sleep when nutrient absorption is better due to increased blood flow. Beauty products with retinol work better while you sleep because they are less stable in sunlight.

Create a nighttime routine that promotes your body’s natural ability to rejuvenate

There’s nothing wrong with preparing for tomorrow: pack your lunch, choose your clothing, rehearse your presentation, or study for an exam. But when it’s time to get ready for bed put tomorrow out of your mind; create a relaxing and rejuvenating nighttime routine allowing your body get the most out of a good night’s rest.

  1. Wash your face – use a cleanser meant for your skin type
  2. Remove the day’s makeup – simple washing won’t take away all the residue; be sure to use a quality makeup remover
  3. Moisturize – while it’s important to remove dirty oils and pollutants from your skin, it’s just as important to replace the good oils that have been stripped away
  4. Let your hair down – reduce the stress on your scalp and follicles; avoid breakage by not sleeping in a ponytail or clips
  5. Slow deep breaths & positive thinking – use those last few minutes before falling asleep to get an extra boost of oxygen and send yourself off to dreamland with positive thoughts

When it all comes together

Ageless beauty starts with good skin care, and sleep is just as important to your skin’s diet as food and exercise. You’ll look and feel better, but more importantly, your beauty will radiate from the inside out.

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