Shift the Way You Think Daily for a More Sustainable Mind

How often do you get the chance to banish negative thoughts and daily concerns and concentrate on the message that your body is sending you? If you are like most people who are spending a lot of time pursuing bigger, bolder goals in their professional lives each day, perhaps you are unintentionally ignoring your deeper needs and lowering your odds of developing a more sustainable mindset.

Are You Able to Boost Your Quality of Life on Your Own?

In this context, how could you possibly find your path towards a more enlightened, dynamic and overall fulfilling lifestyle? In an attempt to offer my clients the best answer to this common burning question, I have decided to get involved in a unique project that brings me a great deal of satisfaction: Able Lounge.

In partnership with Fredrik Bengtsson, the founder of Hagalivs Center AB and a reputable Swedish writer and psychologist, I have envisioned and created a healing, soothing environment designed to help people overcome daily challenges, feel more comfortable in their own skin and live healthier, richer lives on a physical, spiritual and emotional level.

For those who are having a hard time trying to support their own evolution, Able Lounge serves as an oasis of relaxation; a marvelous, tranquil environment where they could attend events, get the best health, beauty and lifestyle tips from prominent industry experts, socialize and eliminate the obstacles that may be standing in the way of your personal growth.

Achieve a Stronger Balance between Your Body, Mind and Spirit

Wondering why so many men and women fail to develop a positive outlook on life? In my opinion, based on years of experience in the beauty industry, the people who are not satisfied with their body image, personal life or professional achievements have failed to create or maintain a balance between their body, mind and spirit. They do not see their bodies as a whole- a complex network of interdependent networks. This common issue has inspired me to become the co-founder of Able Lounge and create a program that will help my clients attend wonderful workshops designed to tackle various topics of interest, gravitating around six key themes: body, beauty, mental and emotional awareness, leadership, inspiration and spirituality.

Practice Mindfulness and Learn to Live in the Moment

At Able Lounge, each day of the week is an opportunity to improve your relationships, beauty ritual, professional capabilities and spiritual balance by working on yourself.

Each event organized by Able Lounge gives attendees the opportunity to discover something new about themselves, awaken their dormant life force, develop new skills and discover out-of-the-box approaches to problems that affect their health, wellbeing or career. Instead of staying anchored in the past and dwelling on negative thoughts or emotions, choose to receive the expert guidance and support that you require to put your life back on track and explore the shortest, most exciting path towards a new you.

Contact me today to receive more details on Able Lounge and the ways in which this urban paradise or relaxation and self-empowerment can help you grow on different levels.

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