The Future Of Skin Care Ingredients

For years, skin care ingredients have been secretive and unsavory. Compounds like dyes, BHA, DEA, and parabens have been rampant in skincare products around the globe, and it’s only recently that people have begun to turn a bright eye toward the future. 

In this future, skincare products don’t have to harm your skin every time you apply them. They don’t have to contain toxic ingredients that shock your skin into behaving rather than promoting good health from the inside out, and they certainly don’t have to be toxic for the environment.  

Read on to learn more.

What are the Skin Care Ingredients of the Future?

While many skin care products have turned to natural compounds, oils, and ingredients in recent years, some of the elements that have caught the most attention are Peptides and Growth Factors. Here’s what we believe you need to know about these unique components:


Peptides have risen to prominence in recent years thanks to their powerful anti-aging benefits. As fragments of proteins, Peptides are comprised entirely of amino acids. Since proteins act as the skin’s most fundamental building block, peptides help it stay firm, youthful, toned, elastic and wrinkle-free.

What’s more, since peptides make up so much of the skin’s foundational material, product rich in them can help revitalize the skin – restoring it and promoting its health from the inside out.

Growth Factor

Growth factors are proteins that work within the body to regulate and promote the growth of cells. In the skin, they play a very active role in maintaining the skin’s healthy, normal function and structure. In fact, growth factors are so important that the outer layers of the skin secrete them to keep the skin regenerating on a regular basis. 

While growth factors serve dozens of purposes some of their most important involve encouraging collagen and elastin production and supporting the process of skin repair, (after a sunburn or wound, for example) and regeneration.

When they’re used in skincare products, growth factors provide protection against environmental factors and critical nutrition to help the skin bounce back more efficiently and retain its youthful tone, texture, and composition. 

The Future of Anti-Aging in Skincare

Today, the science of anti-aging in skincare is becoming increasingly more advanced.  Today, the best skincare products on the market contain a wide variety of natural and organic compounds designed to defy aging without harming the skin in the process. 

Two of the most interesting compounds in this lineup are peptides and growth factors. Designed to support and enhance the skin in unique and different ways, these two ingredients work together to support the skin’s health and well-being from the inside, out. 

 While science has yet to discover many of the factors that will be used in anti-aging skincare products in the future, both peptides and growth factors are some of the most unique and promising skin care ingredients on the market today, and products that contain them can work wonders for the skin.

To find an anti-aging skincare product that contains these unique factors or other natural ingredients, visit Ageless Beauty Market today!


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