Why “After 40” Skincare Should Begin at 30

If the old saying is true and “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” then the ageless beauty you seek in your 40s should begin in your 30s. While you’re scanning the pages of your favorite beauty magazines or checking out blog posts you’ve probably seen headlines for anti-aging and beauty tips for women over 40, but these articles have great information for women in their 30s too.

The 5 best “over 40” beauty tips

There are plenty of things that I can suggest to women in the over-40 age group that will help them maintain, and even regain, some of their youthful natural beauty; but everything boils down to these basic ideas:

  1. A cleanser that is gentle enough for daily use
  2. Once a week exfoliation
  3. Using nighttime skin repair products
  4. All-over skin care moisturizers
  5. Healthy skin diet that includes: vitamin A, antioxidants, and omega-3s

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t talk to a skincare professional for more individualized advice and help that is specific to your skin type and lifestyle; these should be the 5 areas you cover when you speak to your skin care specialist about a beauty regimen.

“Over 40” beauty advice you should begin in your 30s

While we often look to things that provide immediate results, the best way to ensure ageless beauty is to focus on the cumulative effects our day-to-day routine can have on our skin. Positive thinking and an overall positive outlook on life reduces stress, and we all know how stress can speed up the look of aging; so less stress means looking younger longer.

The following are beauty tips that you can start now, so you can look like you’re still in your 30s even when you’re well into your 40s:

  1. Start with what you put into your body; your skin diet should include plenty of water, omega-3s from fish and nuts, antioxidants from fruits and vegetables, and limiting the amount of alcohol you drink because it dries your skin from the inside out.
  2. Use mineral-based make-up products and acne products geared toward adults; most acne and blemish products on the market are meant for teens, which can actually cause dry skin in adults.
  3. Regular use of topical skin care products that contain vitamin A or retinol and protection from the sun with a minimum SPF 30 will help you avoid the cumulative effects of the sun and chemicals in the environment.
  4. Nightly skincare rituals should include gentle cleansers to remove dirt and make-up, eye cream to protect the area with the thinnest skin on the body, all-over moisturizers to soften rough patches of skin, and using a serum containing vitamins C & E; then seal in all that goodness with a nighttime face cream. You should also exfoliate once a week to help your skin absorb the beauty products you use daily.
  5. Beauty rest; your body does some of its best work while you’re sleeping, so make sure you’re giving it plenty of time to work its magic. Give yourself a few minutes of deep breathing and time for positive thinking before you drift off to dreamland; it will help you sleep better and wake more refreshed.

Feel free to read ahead

The idea of ageless beauty emphasizes skin care at every age; there is nothing wrong with reading about good skin care for women in their 40s when you’re still in your 30s. In my years of experience as a skin care professional, I can tell you that being prepared is half the battle and there is no time like the present to start your skin care revolution.


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