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A perfect facial cleansing tool if you want clear skin.

What is it:
Our facial brush is 100% natural food-grade silicone. A gentle silicone pore cleansing brush to buff away the buildup of oil and dirt.

What is does:
The brush side helps to clean and exfoliate your skin, softens the skin to open pores and gently removes impurities and dead skin. It also promotes blood circulation.
The uneven side helps with product absorption and a gentle massage to the skin.

The spatula is perfect for mask applications.

Ultra hygienic food grade silicone
Cleanses Effectively and evens skin tone
Exfoliates Gently and boost circulation
Reduces impurities in pores and combats acne
Massages skin and incredibly gentle on the skin
Deeper product penetration

Who is it for:
✔ Normal skin
✔ Oily skin
✔ Combination skin
✔ Sensitive skin
✔ Dry skin
✔ Delicate skin

How to use:

Simply wet the brush side and add a pea size of the Daily Face Wash or with your regular facial cleanser. Gently massage the brush in a circular motion for 1 minute and focus on the T-zone where pores are more visible. Rinse with cool water and followed by the next step of your skincare routine. Its also great for the lips, neck, and decollete too.


1 silicone pore cleansing brush and spatula

Julie Lindh products are always formulated without:
Parabens, Mineral Oil, Phthalates, Gluten, Paraffin, Petroleum, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Triclosan, GMO derived Soy, Propylene Glycol or Synthetic colors.
Never Tested On Animals

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