“Beauty is only skin deep. It’s not enough to just look great. You also need to feel great, think great and act great to radiate greatness. Once you learn how to do that, your skin, heart and mind will all begin to glow.”- Julie Lindh 

I got into the skincare and beauty industry for one simple reason: I love to help people feel and look their best. I’ve been where you are, looking for answers to your skin care questions, trying to find the path to beautiful skin, frustrated by the lack of results. I’ve tried all kinds of different treatments and products on my own beauty journey. 
Over the past 15 years, I have become an internationally acclaimed aesthetician.

During this time, I have developed a holistic approach to skin wellness that actually works. I love nothing more than seeing my clients get the radiant skin they’ve always wanted. That’s why I work very closely with all my clients and together we develop a customized treatment program that will get them the results they’re looking for. I am so grateful to be able to share my skincare expertise to help others on their own beauty journey. My approach to skincare is holistic because it’s not just about how the skin looks. It’s about total personal wellness. To change what’s on the outside, you also need to change something on the inside. We will change the way you think, feel and look. In addition to my cutting-edge treatments and innovative products, we will also discuss changing your diet and your mindset. Skincare is also about balance. You can see this concept in practice when you use too much of one product and your skin becomes dry. Too much of another and the skin is oily. Because of my Asian/Swedish background, I was brought up with this concept of balance. I was raised merging the scientific and spiritual, the ancient and cutting-edge. You can see this balance in my skincare products. I use the best ingredients Mother Nature has to offer and clinical ingredients to get the best results.

There are four foundational pillars to my skin care approach: CORRECT, REPAIR, REJUVENATE, and PRESERVE.

First, we must CORRECT any current issues (such as acne or inflammation). Then, we REPAIR past damage (such as sun spots, pigmentation, and fine lines). Next, we REJUVENATE the skin to reveal its natural radiance. Lastly, we PRESERVE your glow so that your skin looks agelessly beautiful.

With my concept, we can help to transform your skin the natural way. I have wonderful loyal clients who have followed me for the past 15 years and they love what they see in the mirror. They look years younger without botox, fillers and surgery. I hope that you’ll try my products or book a treatment so you too will see how my approach can give you beautiful, glowing and radiant skin at any age.