You want to correct your skin, so we’ll start by looking at the health of your skin. We’ll discuss what you see when you examine your skin in the mirror and the concerns you want to address. We’ll talk about previous treatments you have tried and the products you have used to try and alleviate your concern.


We’ll talk about what we’re repairing and do an in-depth review of your skin condition. We’ll look for signs of sun damage and any old or new scars. We’ll also look for wrinkles and fine lines and any uneven spots. We will also discuss the level at which your skin needs repairing and look at damages to the skin so that we can help you repair via both our short- and long-term programs.


How do we start rejuvenating your skin? We’ll take a look at your overall complexion and determine if the skin looks lifeless and stressed. We also look for a lack of circulation and luster as well as a lack of contour. We will discuss what we can do to get your skin looking and feeling healthier both inside and out.


How can we preserve all this work? We need to work together to keep your skin in tip-top condition. We will address it with regular treatments and home care beauty rituals from the Julie Lindh range. We will find the treatments that suit your time, budget, and lifestyle.

Book for an assessment today and find out how you can achieve radiant and youthful skin the natural way.