The JL Signature Facials



Julie Lindh’s Skincare Philosophy

My goal is to give you youthful-looking skin and a radiantly glowing complexion naturally. I do this by revitalizing cells from the inside out, stimulating the muscles of the face and neck to improve tone and contour, and improving circulation and elasticity. 

4 Principles of the Julie Lindh Philosophy

  • Correct

I’ll start by assessing the current state and health of your skin. I’ll look for signs of any active issues such as acne, discoloration, redness, rashes, or dryness. From there, we will devise a plan to heal and soothe the skin.

  • Repair

I’ll also look for signs of damage such as sun spots, scars, fine lines and wrinkles, deep lines, and uneven or blotchy skin tone. Repairing past damage, will reveal younger, brighter and smoother skin.

  • Rejuvenate

In addition to repairing the skin, I’ll revive and energize it on a cellular level. Skin that needs to be rejuvenated looks lackluster, dull, and stressed. It may be prematurely aging, sagging, or showing signs of poor circulation. After rejuvenation it will be glowing, firm and supple.

  • Preserve

Once we’ve corrected, repaired, and rejuvenated your skin, I will give you a comprehensive plan to help you preserve the progress we’ve made. The plan will include my recommendation for regular treatments, what type of products you should be using, and at-home beauty rituals that will fit your time, lifestyle, and budget.


The Facial Menu

Every facial begins with an in-depth analysis and discussion of the current state and health of your skin. I want to know what your main skincare issues are, what you currently see when you look in the mirror, and what you would like to see. We’ll talk about your skincare routine, previous skincare treatments, and what products you’ve tried.

Each treatment is completely personalized and includes cutting-edge therapies, state-of-the-art tools, and powerful ingredients that will correct, repair, rejuvenate, and preserve the skin based on your individual needs. We will work together to achieve the results we both want to see. Nothing more rewarding when I know you love what you see in the mirror.

Following the treatment, you will receive a complimentary 15 minutes 1:1 coaching session with me. During this time, I will share some of the formulas to make you look, feel and think ageless beauty inside and out.




JL Signature: The Beginner

This service is perfect for those who are new to JL facials. Level 1 tools and ingredients are used to address each of the four principles. You will leave with a thorough understand of the state of your skin and your skin will feel clean, fresh, energized, and awakened.

Includes: Pore Cleansing | Dermaplaning | Unique Peel | Level 1 tool

JL Rejuvenation: The Intermediate

This service is for you if you already get facials regularly, and you have specific issues that you are trying to remedy or you have dull, lackluster city skin. Level 2 tools and ingredients are used to address each of the four principles. This service will improve circulation, reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and scars, and even out skin tone. Your skin will be energizing, nourished, and balanced and your complexion will be luminous.

Includes: Pore Cleansing | Dermaplaning | Unique Peel | Level 2 tools

JL LUXE: The Advanced

Korean Non-surgical Facelift. This facial is for those who are looking for long-term results that will transform skin that is sagging, thinning, crepey, hollowed or wrinkled. Powerful level 3 tools and ingredients are used to restore elasticity and firmness to the face and neck. This effective treatment delivers dramatic results in just one session. More info

Includes: Pore Cleansing | Dermaplaning | Unique Peel | Level 3 tools

SPECIALTY: Plasma Skin Tightening

Plasma Skin Tightening is a low-risk, minimally-invasive cosmetic treatment that eliminates excessive or sagging skin, and improves the tone and texture of the skin. Although this treatment is not surgery, it delivers similar results while being safer and cheaper with less downtime. Perfect for baggy lower eyelids, excessive upper eyelid skin, crows feet, sagging jowl and neck skin, scars (including acne scars), stretch marks, and deep line and wrinkles around the mouth. More info