Can Positive Thinking Actually Help You Maintain a Youthful Appearance?

As soon as you hear the annoying sound of your alarm clock, you mentally inventory your to-do lists, make adjustments and start thinking about the daunting tasks that you have to complete by the end of the day. Your interior balance is definitely not one of your top priorities, especially when you are constantly being bombarded with new assignments that you can’t put on hold. No wonder you feel anxious and depressed around the clock. In this context, you should ask yourself the following questions: can your mood affect the way in which you cope with the first signs of aging? Moreover, could positive thinking help you delay these aesthetic concerns and make existing lines and wrinkles seem less apparent?

Positive Thinking Speeds up the Healing Process

A recent study conducted by the Yale School of Public Health, cited by Huffington Post, indicates that positive thoughts and emotions shared by older people can be linked to a smoother recovery after an injury. As a matter of fact, seniors who see the glass half full at all times are more likely to restore their mental and physical balance (while recovering from severe disabilities) than the ones who are constantly assuming the worst about everything. In other words, negativity can control your mind and body, standing in the way of your full recovery. On the other hand, considering the fact that our skin is our largest organ, positive thinking should also be considered the key to repairing our complexion from the inside out. Can a better state of mind help us address a wide range of imperfections, such as dark circles, age spots, wrinkles, fine lines and lack of firmness?

Ways to Explore the Power of Positive Thinking to Repair and Beautify Your Skin

Your skin could reflect your emotions through acne breakouts, urticaria and other forms of manifestation that you will most likely be tempted to hide under thick layers of foundation. Why try to camouflage this issue when you can develop a proactive attitude and address it using the power of positive thinking?  Several pioneering practitioners rely on meditation and hypnosis to fix these problems and heal problematic skin areas from within.

Wondering how you could improve the current condition of your skin, by unleashing and exploring the tremendous influence of positive energies? Here are a few tactics that you should employ to get closer to the desirable changes.

  • Sit still and meditate in a clean, quiet room. Empty your mind and think about nothing for a few minutes. Meditation is a powerful relaxation technique that will help you mitigate your negative thoughts, unwind and focus on that one important goal that you wish to achieve.
  • Rely on mindful actions and phrases. Instead of using undermining phrases with a negative impact, such as: “I’m old. My skin will never recover its firmness, glow and youthful aspect. New wrinkles will appear at the speed of light,” test a different approach. Embrace a new mantra reading something like: “My skin is currently under construction. It will get better. I am taking this process one step at a time. I am stronger than yesterday.”
  • Instead of pursuing unrealistic goals, set achievable objectives and be patient. Practice what you preach and keep in mind that miracles don’t happen overnight. Eat and sleep better. Drink plenty of water and green juices. Take baby steps to avoid disappointment.

Don’t let stress take control of your life, and most importantly, don’t let your mind sabotage your body and your unique beautification goals. Be careful what you think and say about yourself, because you are always listening to your inner voice.

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