Hard to Break Up with Your Old Skin Care Products?

We are all creatures of habit. When we get comfortable with something or someone, we tend to do everything in our power to keep this new positive element in our lives. I honestly think that we can all relate to this situation. Moreover, I’m almost certain that throughout the years, you have managed to develop a solid relationship with your skin care products. In this case, you should ask yourself the following question: is this type of addition truly beneficial? Or are you actually ignoring better skin care products simply because you love your old ones too much and don’t want to start looking for more powerful, innovative and/or convenient substitutes?

Dare to Adjust Your Skin Care Ritual Based on the Ever-Changing Needs of Your Skin

I know for a fact that many women are using their preferred products years after years because they have faith in a formula that doesn’t cause skin issues; they end up staying at the level of what the products can do. What if I told you that the secret to making your skin stay in top-notch shape is to change your routine every season? I always ask my clients the following question: if I were to stuff you with spaghetti every day, would you be happy with your daily menu? Or would you start looking for valid ways to balance your diet and explore a much more diverse palette of flavors, colors and scents?

Discover the Basics of a Correct Seasonal Skin Care

A similar principle can be applied with it comes to addressing the needs of your skin. Seasonal skin care is just one of the important aspects that you should take into consideration.  You cannot use the same type of skin care products year-round and expect to witness a miracle. On the other hand, a correct seasonal skin care can do wonders for your complexion, by allowing you to address a series of season-specific problems, such as winter and fall dryness and warm/hot weather issues. For example, during fall and winter you can prevent or treat flaky, dry skin by applying a good emollient moisturizer on your skin. In this case, you should focus on finding a gentle, complete formula based on key ingredients designed to moisturize your skin (hyaluronic acid, fatty acids, ceramids and glycerin are only a few of the best candidates for this job). During the hot summer months, you should use foaming or gel cleansers to remove the impurities and excessive amounts of oil off your face. During this period, oil-absorbent skin care products are your strongest ally, as they can help you reduce the appearance of your pores and get closer to a radiant, faultless complexion. You can also use mattifying sunscreen before doing your makeup, to beautify and protect your skin. Your skin always reacts to seasonal changes, so it is your responsibility to understand and accommodate the different needs of your complexion, season after season.

Find the Simplest Way to Respond to the Ever-Changing Needs of Your Skin

Moreover, seasonal changes aren’t the sole factor that should convince you to diversify your category of skin care products and try something new on a regular basis. As we grow older, our skin undergoes a series of inevitable transformations. Because of its reduced collagen production, it starts to lose its firm aspect and needs special attention and care to regain its sculpted, toned look. Hyperpigmentation, acne spots and dull skin are only a few other inconveniences (associated with hormonal changes and other underlying causes) that may take you by surprise at some point. Bottom line: the needs of your skin can change at a fast pace. Are you ready to address these new necessities and demands in a timely fashion? When in doubt, allow me to step in and show you the shortest path towards flawless skin and a correct skin care ritual. Come see me to perfect your skincare routine and discover new categories of cosmetic products that could take your rejuvenation efforts to a whole new level.

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