How Do You Get Healthier Clear Skin

JL Skin Fitness How Do You Get Healthier Clear Skin
August 23, 2017 by Jennifer Taylor

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July 18, 2017 by Jennifer Taylor
The Best Ways to Reset Your Internal System for Glowing and Radiant Skin

The Best Ways to Reset Your Internal System for Glowing and Radiant Skin

While everyone wants glowing, healthy skin, not everyone is sure how to achieve it. For many people, the answer seems like it has to be products, potions, and serums. In most cases, though, these things are only secondary. In fact, the best and most long-lasting way to get glowing and beautiful skin is to reset your internal system through healthy habits and good self-care.

What Does It Mean to Reset Your Internal System?

Throughout our daily lives, our bodies are assaulted by environmental toxins (dust, smog, chemicals, and smoke), harmful chemicals (ingredients contained in skincare products, cleaning products, and more), and the elements (the sun, the wind, cold temperatures, etc.) Over time, these things stress our bodies, and this stress frequently becomes visible on our skin.

Numerous studies have shown that breakouts, wrinkles, and decreased skin tone are all the result of stress, and eating poorly, not getting enough sleep, and failing to exercise certainly don’t help. 

When you begin to suffer from too many of these stressors, the only thing left for you to do is reset your internal system. When you abandon unhealthy habits for healthier ones, the effects are immediately apparent in everything from your skin to your mental and emotional well-being.

How to Reset Your Internal System: 3 Tips

If you’d like to enjoy healthier skin and a more beautiful you, follow these three tips to reset and rejuvenate:

  1. Eat the right food

We’ve all heard the saying “you are what you eat.” This is particularly the case when it comes to our skin. High-sugar, high-fat and dehydrating foods can all wreak havoc on your skin, and it won’t take long to see the adverse effects.

For the best skin of your life, it’s wise to adjust your diet to include plenty of leafy greens, fish, fruits, and veggies.

  1. Detox your skin and your body

Over the years, toxins build up in our skin and internal organs and can flush out through the skin, so detoxifying these things is critical. Steam is an excellent way to do this, and facial steams and spending time in a steam room can help your body flush toxins. Whatever you choose to do, be sure to support your skin’s efforts by drinking plenty of water, as well.

  1. Get enough exercise

Exercise is critical for both short-and long-term beauty and wellbeing. In the short term, exercise increases blood flow to the skin and can help your skin look plumper and rosier. Over the long-term, exercise helps improve the skin’s tone and flush toxins out through sweat. With this in mind, complete at least three hours of moderate exercise every week for more beautiful, younger-looking skin both now and in the future. 

Reset Your Internal System for a More Youthful Appearance

While some say beauty is only skin-deep, the truth is that enjoying more beautiful skin comes down to making smart decisions regarding diet, detox, and exercise. When all of these three things fall into place, it’s easy to enjoy your most vibrant and glowing skin yet. 

To improve your skincare routine and enjoy a more beautiful appearance contact Ageless Beauty Market to find your ideal products today. 




December 06, 2016 by Julie Lindh
The Future Of Skin Care Ingredients

The Future Of Skin Care Ingredients

For years, skin care ingredients have been secretive and unsavory. Compounds like dyes, BHA, DEA, and parabens have been rampant in skincare products around the globe, and it’s only recently that people have begun to turn a bright eye toward the future. 

In this future, skincare products don’t have to harm your skin every time you apply them. They don’t have to contain toxic ingredients that shock your skin into behaving rather than promoting good health from the inside out, and they certainly don’t have to be toxic for the environment.  

Read on to learn more.

What are the Skin Care Ingredients of the Future?

While many skin care products have turned to natural compounds, oils, and ingredients in recent years, some of the elements that have caught the most attention are Peptides and Growth Factors. Here’s what we believe you need to know about these unique components:


Peptides have risen to prominence in recent years thanks to their powerful anti-aging benefits. As fragments of proteins, Peptides are comprised entirely of amino acids. Since proteins act as the skin’s most fundamental building block, peptides help it stay firm, youthful, toned, elastic and wrinkle-free.

What’s more, since peptides make up so much of the skin’s foundational material, product rich in them can help revitalize the skin – restoring it and promoting its health from the inside out.

Growth Factor

Growth factors are proteins that work within the body to regulate and promote the growth of cells. In the skin, they play a very active role in maintaining the skin’s healthy, normal function and structure. In fact, growth factors are so important that the outer layers of the skin secrete them to keep the skin regenerating on a regular basis. 

While growth factors serve dozens of purposes some of their most important involve encouraging collagen and elastin production and supporting the process of skin repair, (after a sunburn or wound, for example) and regeneration.

When they’re used in skincare products, growth factors provide protection against environmental factors and critical nutrition to help the skin bounce back more efficiently and retain its youthful tone, texture, and composition. 

The Future of Anti-Aging in Skincare

Today, the science of anti-aging in skincare is becoming increasingly more advanced.  Today, the best skincare products on the market contain a wide variety of natural and organic compounds designed to defy aging without harming the skin in the process. 

Two of the most interesting compounds in this lineup are peptides and growth factors. Designed to support and enhance the skin in unique and different ways, these two ingredients work together to support the skin’s health and well-being from the inside, out. 

 While science has yet to discover many of the factors that will be used in anti-aging skincare products in the future, both peptides and growth factors are some of the most unique and promising skin care ingredients on the market today, and products that contain them can work wonders for the skin.

To find an anti-aging skincare product that contains these unique factors or other natural ingredients, visit Ageless Beauty Market today!


December 01, 2016 by Julie Lindh
How to Deal with Dry Skin This Coming Winter

How to Deal with Dry Skin This Coming Winter

As you contemplate the trees that are losing their leaves and changing their colors, you suddenly realize that winter is just around the corner. This means that you have to start prepping your wardrobe, home and body for the arrival of the cold season. What exactly should you do to protect your skin during this time of the year? Here’s my simplest answer to this question: stick to a more effective dry skin care program to keep your complexion radiant and healthy-looking, and apply the following basic tips that should help you improve the current condition of your facial skin in no time, even during the harshest, freezing winter that you could ever imagine.

Avoid Washing Your Face with Hot Water

I know what you think: nothing compares to a nice, hot bubble bath during winter, when reduced temperatures make you want to stay indoors and explore new pampering rituals and relaxation techniques. However, hot showers and baths are not exactly your best friends, especially if you’re already complaining about dry, flaky or itchy skin. Hot water strips your body of its oil barrier, which normally enables skin to retain moisture and maintain its softness. As a skin care specialist, I always recommend warm baths and showers that don’t take more than 10 minutes. Also, remember to dry your skin by patting it gently and moisturize your face after each shower or bath.

Opt for a Gentler Cleansing Routine

Now would also be a good time to adjust your skin care ritual a bit. Start by getting rid of aggressive cosmetic products, which are overly astringent or contain fragrances and antibacterial additives that could make your skin drier and more vulnerable than it already is. Go easy on peels and toners and keep in mind that you should exfoliate your skin with care, without scrubbing it too hard, to avoid irritations.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

During the cold season, your skin is exposed to new stressors that threaten to compromise its balance, including reduced temperatures, rain and harsh winds, which could easily damage the outer layers of your skin. So what should we do to keep this concern at bay? We should moisturize our skin at least twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Go in favor or a rich moisturizer based on advanced ingredients that will enable your skin to replenish its oil barrier.

Fragrance-free options with a complex formula including stearic acid, glycerin, shea butter or ceramides are excellent picks, if your goal is to nourish, moisturize and soothe your dry skin. Before applying your moisturizer of choice, wash your face thoroughly using warm water and quality non-soap, delicate liquid cleanser (preferably one based on ceramides, the elements that will allow you to protect the exterior layer of your skin). Pat your skin for less than a minute instead of rubbing it with a towel. Also, my advice is to moisturize your skin as often as you can. As a matter of fact, do it every single time you wash your face, to prevent the evaporating water from drawing more moisture from your excessively dry skin.

Does your delicate skin require special care and attention to stay agelessly beautiful? If you feel the need to improve your daily skin care routine or find new cosmetic products that are best suited for your complexion, come see me today and let’s start working on a plan meant to restore and enhance the attractiveness of your complexion at any age.

November 21, 2016 by Julie Lindh
Shift the Way You Think Daily for a More Sustainable Mind

Shift the Way You Think Daily for a More Sustainable Mind

How often do you get the chance to banish negative thoughts and daily concerns and concentrate on the message that your body is sending you? If you are like most people who are spending a lot of time pursuing bigger, bolder goals in their professional lives each day, perhaps you are unintentionally ignoring your deeper needs and lowering your odds of developing a more sustainable mindset.

Are You Able to Boost Your Quality of Life on Your Own?

In this context, how could you possibly find your path towards a more enlightened, dynamic and overall fulfilling lifestyle? In an attempt to offer my clients the best answer to this common burning question, I have decided to get involved in a unique project that brings me a great deal of satisfaction: Able Lounge.

In partnership with Fredrik Bengtsson, the founder of Hagalivs Center AB and a reputable Swedish writer and psychologist, I have envisioned and created a healing, soothing environment designed to help people overcome daily challenges, feel more comfortable in their own skin and live healthier, richer lives on a physical, spiritual and emotional level.

For those who are having a hard time trying to support their own evolution, Able Lounge serves as an oasis of relaxation; a marvelous, tranquil environment where they could attend events, get the best health, beauty and lifestyle tips from prominent industry experts, socialize and eliminate the obstacles that may be standing in the way of your personal growth.

Achieve a Stronger Balance between Your Body, Mind and Spirit

Wondering why so many men and women fail to develop a positive outlook on life? In my opinion, based on years of experience in the beauty industry, the people who are not satisfied with their body image, personal life or professional achievements have failed to create or maintain a balance between their body, mind and spirit. They do not see their bodies as a whole- a complex network of interdependent networks. This common issue has inspired me to become the co-founder of Able Lounge and create a program that will help my clients attend wonderful workshops designed to tackle various topics of interest, gravitating around six key themes: body, beauty, mental and emotional awareness, leadership, inspiration and spirituality.

Practice Mindfulness and Learn to Live in the Moment

At Able Lounge, each day of the week is an opportunity to improve your relationships, beauty ritual, professional capabilities and spiritual balance by working on yourself.

Each event organized by Able Lounge gives attendees the opportunity to discover something new about themselves, awaken their dormant life force, develop new skills and discover out-of-the-box approaches to problems that affect their health, wellbeing or career. Instead of staying anchored in the past and dwelling on negative thoughts or emotions, choose to receive the expert guidance and support that you require to put your life back on track and explore the shortest, most exciting path towards a new you.

Contact me today to receive more details on Able Lounge and the ways in which this urban paradise or relaxation and self-empowerment can help you grow on different levels.

November 14, 2016 by Julie Lindh
4 Categories of Super Foods You Should Eat to Achieve Younger-Looking Skin

4 Categories of Super Foods You Should Eat to Achieve Younger-Looking Skin

As we age, our skin starts to lose its natural glow and elasticity. Naturally, in this case, our first thought is that we should invest in expensive cosmetic aids to increase and maintain the firmness of facial skin, while also boosting its radiance. Here’s the advice that I give you as a skin care specialist: before focusing on finding the treatment that will keep your aging skin in excellent condition, start by adjusting your diet. After all, you are what you eat, and your incorrect dietary choices will inevitably be reflected by your skin, by becoming a part of your body’s outer fabric. How can you make smarter nutritional decisions? You could try to include the super healthy (and tasty) ingredients listed below in your daily diet, drink plenty of water and get enough sleep on a day-to-day basis. All these changes will help you look and feel like a completely different person in only a few weeks.

Fruits with a High Antioxidant Content

Aside from foods packed with vitamin A that stimulate your digestive system, guaranteeing a healthier-looking skin, you should also try to eat a mix of four fruits that are extremely beneficial for your complexion, due to their high concentration of antioxidants. Plums, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries are the healthy and tasty snacks that will help you prevent free radical damage and get closer to your beauty goal: a sculptural, youthful skin.

Foods Containing a Large Amount of Essential Fatty Acids

Try to include more than a few servings of salmon, walnuts, flax seeds and canola oil in your diet. All these super foods contain a high dosage of fatty acids, which do wonders for your cell membranes. Healthier cell membranes ensure a higher protection against several harmful elements that could try to disrupt your system, and also tend to do a better job as pathways for nutrient transportation.

Foods Rich in Selenium

If you feel the need to add a few more tasty ingredients to your daily diet to boost skin health and radiance, opt for brazil nuts, turkey, tuna, cereals and muffins. You may be wondering: what do these options actually have in common? They all contain an ideal dosage of selenium, the element that limits the level of oxidative damage undergone by our skin. According to recent research, oral doses of selenium, vitamin A, vitamin E and copper could succeed in preventing the formation of sunburn cells.


Want to find a quick way to upgrade your salad without adding a calorie-rich dressing? Add a few drops of oil (preferably no more than 2 tsp per day). Oils are exceptional sources of essential fatty acids and keep your skin properly lubricated and healthier-looking. It is advisable to buy and use expeller processed, cold processed and extra virgin options, which work best for your skin.

If you want to achieve younger-looking, glowing skin, I strongly advise you to try the Alkaline diet. This detoxification system is based on the consumption of whole grains, fruits and vegetables with a low caloric density. There are several categories of alkalinizing foods that you already know, love and taste regularly, including the following:

  • Spices (sea salt, ginger, curry)
  • Proteins (tofu, chestnuts, almonds)
  • Fruits (oranges, cantaloupes, bananas, apples, peaches, watermelons)
  • Vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cucumber, celery, onions)

Whether you’re having a hard time trying to make wiser dietary decisions or want to find the most adequate cosmetic products that are compatible with the unique needs of your complexion, I am here to help you do what’s best for your skin. Schedule your first appointment with me and let’s find out what your skin is actually craving for.

October 17, 2016 by Julie Lindh
Get This One Beauty Secret for Radiant Skin

Get This One Beauty Secret for Radiant Skin

There are so many things nowadays that you could do for your skin to keep it toned, radiant and agelessly beautiful. From injections to high-tech facials, one could try a plethora of corrective, restorative, rejuvenating and maintenance solutions to achieve an enviable complexion.  Nonetheless, even if you count on the best anti-aging breakthroughs to preserve your youthful appearance, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore the importance of a healthy diet incorporating two valuable ingredients: green juices and green powder.

What Are the Benefits of Green Juices and Green Powder?

Green drinks have extraordinary antioxidant benefits that manage to minimize the damage linked to oxidative stress. Some of the most popular ingredients comprised by green juices- like spinach for example- are excellent sources of peptides and have antihypertensive properties, meaning that they could ensure a high protection against complications associated with elevated blood pressure. Seaweeds are rich in proteins and represent a fantastic ingredient for green juices that could easily boost the beauty and vigor of hair and skin. Dark leafy vegetables such as kale, arugula, mustard greens, wheatgrass and spinach contain high dosages of vital minerals, including magnesium, calcium and potassium, which your body needs to function properly and look its best. Salad greens, kale and spinach are also rich in antioxidant vitamins (A,C,E) that limit free radical damage, leading to younger-looking, healthier skin.

Over the past few years, green powders have become increasingly popular, due to their long list of promised benefits. When you drink a juice made with powder, you basically consume the entire leaf, not just the infused water.  One could easily find a plethora of green powder formulas on the market. Some of the best products of this kind offer amazing benefits that are not limited to a better complexion. Such green powders contribute to better intestinal health, cancer prevention and an effective weight control.

You Are What You Eat (and Drink)

I know many of you are tired of endless diets, detox procedures and more. It’s not always easy to stay on top of it all, especially when you work long hours and have a hectic lifestyle.  I keep it really simple for myself by following an alkaline diet as much as possible. I encourage my clients to do the same but I also know that many are not able to stick to this plan in the long run. The good news is that there are many other ways to have your daily greens. Imagine how drinking a glass of raw green juice a day could transform your body from within. By following this simple step you could begin to feel different after the first seven days. If you were to get to 10 days, you would start seeing your skin looking brighter. Would you trade your morning coffee for a glass of raw juice? You should definitely try to include as many fresh green juices into your daily diet.

There are other options if you can’t find raw juice or time to make one. Try green powder. If you want J.Lo glow, you have to stop making excuses for your lack of consistency and/or motivation. Green powder has a lot of advantages. Convenience and ease of use are only two pluses that you will certainly appreciate. Just think about it: you can mix this power with water to obtain a healthy drink that you could enjoy anytime, anywhere. You could carry it around with you in your purse while travelling, jogging, meeting friends for lunch or dinner or going to work.

When I travel I always take my green powder with me. As long as I get one serving daily, I know that I’m supporting the positive transformation undergone by my skin. You can embrace the same beneficial routine and see what it could do for your complexion. For more details on how green juices and powder could transform your skin from within, come meet me in person and let’s talk about ageless beauty, an ambitious goal that can be achieved through the implementation of a cleaner, greener diet.

October 17, 2016 by Julie Lindh